Old road watercolour painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma

Wandering Camera – Nearby Adventures

The Girl And Her Cat on the Old Road watercolour painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



The Girl and Her Cat and I had our own little adventures, right where we live.  Much to my delight, we already had a few bouts of snow this year in the mountains here in the rain-starved California.  That brought rainstorms to the lower elevations.  I promptly bundled up in my waterproof clothing and boots and headed to the park for a walk in the rain.



Rainy day walk in the park in Northern California @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



Ever since I was little, I have always loved playing in the rain, the more torrential the better.  The world gets quiet, and it’s mostly just the sound of the rain and me.  

There is an oak grove in the park.  Standing under that canopy, I listened to the rain sing as it danced on the leaf-covered ground below. 



Rainy day walk in the park in Northern California @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



This is normally a narrow and deep drainage gully, but to my imaginative mind, it might as well be a stream that I have to cross carefully.



Rainy day walk in the park in Northern California @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



I wore my big boots, so I could splash along as I continued down the rain-sodden path.



Rainy day walk in the park in Northern California @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



I have made up my own names for certain areas in the park.  I call this area Darcy Field, resembling a certain scene in the Pride And Prejudice movie.  Right around the corner, the path turns hard with rocks and tree roots jutting out of the ground.  That would be the Dinosaur Ridge.  I love running over those protrusions.

I really wanted to continue on with the rain pelting down on me.  It was getting dark though, so I reluctantly decided to turn back.



Rainy day walk in the park in Northern California @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



Rain droplets on these dry stems looked like little crystal flowers.   My camera has a rain jacket of its own, so, just like me, it stayed toasty dry.   I would have liked to get close-ups, but it would have been impossible to change lenses in that windswept rain.  Also, I had to bow to the failing light.  This is the best photo I could take with the lens I had at hand.  Hopefully you get an impression of what I saw there.



Landscape Painting Tombow Marker Review watercolour @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



A couple of years ago,  I made a sketch of the path using Tombow markers.  I shared my findings in a post, which I will link below.


Adventure of the Girl and Her Cat


While my kitties stayed warm and toasty at home,  The Girl and Her Cat continued their adventure together in the snow.


Please click on the image thumbnails to see the pictures and read about their wanderings –




Not to worry, they are bundled up for their snow walk.  When her cat gets cold, The Girl carries him inside her coat.


Wandering Pages Paintings


I added all the paintings shared so far about their adventure from the Wandering Pages book at the above link.  I will add to that page as we continue with their adventure together.




Migraing Geese Northern California Nature Journal watercolour painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



I will leave you with a page from my nature journal.   The day before the rainstorm came,  my husband hurriedly called me outside to see something  he thought I would love.   We saw a flock of geese flying overhead against the backdrop of a beautiful sky that only impending rain clouds can bring.  We watched them slowly dissolve the right arm completely and then recreate the V pattern as they faded to a distant shimmer.   I have never seen anything like it before.   I didn’t take a photo.  Instead, I recreated the scene in my journal.


A quick note –  Since I personally hand-make them, I can only take a few journal orders at a time.   I can still fit in a few more.   You can purchase the journals here in my shop.   I have journals for both artists and non-artists.



I just had to share this from Linda from HeARTfully Inspired with her permission about the journal she received  –

“Love, love your watercolor art Soma- you’re such an inspiration! And, for anyone out there considering one of these handmade books (I have been gifted one of your journals and shared it in one of my blog posts) I can certainly attest to how well and meticulous these are made- the paper quality- superb! Thank you, many happy PPF!”

Actually it was Linda’s comment about the journal that got me inspired to add them to my shop.  Thanks so much, dear Linda!



Here is the post with the Tombow marker info –  Tombow Markers – Review For Watercolour 


Let me know which photo and/or paintings of our adventures you liked.  The Girl and her Cat, and I would love to know.



Since next week is a holiday week here in the US, I decided to move Wandering Camera one week up. 


Wandering Camera art and photo linky party @ InkTorrents.com by Soma Acharya


Wandering Camera is a monthly event that runs on the last Thursday of every month.  If you follow me via email, you will get a reminder.

All photo and art/creative-themed posts are welcome.  You can continue to link up multiple posts.

Please add the badge or a text link back to this site on your blog, or on each post that you link up.  I look forward to seeing your photos and reading about them.

Have fun!!

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Fabric block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma

Flight Of The Tree And A Giveaway

Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma


Hello Everyone!  All Hallows Eve for me is the time when fantastical things can happen.  All you have to do is stretch your imagination a little.  I love decking our house with a myriad autumnal and magical decorations.  My husband and I carve pumpkins and happily dole out candy to all who stop by, children and adults alike.  This year however, I had been feeling very lackadaisical about my favourite day.

Carol’s announcement of the Ghastly Ghouls blog hop was exactly what I needed.  I love her blog hops, she makes them fun.




The Idea


Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma


I have been doing block prints on paper for a while.  Printing on fabric would be new to me.  This was just the occasion for trying that out.


The Raven was certainly going to be a central part of the picture, but the context was not quite clear to me at first.  Visiting a favourite spot, a grove of oak trees, sparked an idea.   What if, on All Hallows Eve, for that one night, the spirits of the trees are set free as birds!  They get to spread their wings and fly across the world.


Who else but the adventurous Girl and her Cat would venture into the woods to witness such a magical moment, perhaps even talk to the raven spirit of this ancient tree.


Then, one Sunday, the idea materialised into a drawing.



The Making


Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma



I find block carving extremely calming.   Just like the Girl and her Cat, with my kitty right beside me, I ventured into the world of bringing the spirit of a tree to life.



The Printing


Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma


This is the part where I stepped into the unknown territory.  The new Speedball fabric ink I got kept drying out on me, causing very blotchy prints.   After a few test prints, I gave up and went back to my favourite ink which tends to stay wet longer.   That way I could mix a couple of inks to get the right colour and pull a few prints with ease.



The Not So Magical Moments


Of course, there had to be a few hiccups.  Two of my sweet kitties got sick at the same time, both needing a lot of TLC.  Tight on schedule, but I made it.

My iron decided to stop working at 10:30 at night, right before I started ironing the fabric pieces for printing.  My dear husband mended the cable while I got everything else ready.



Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma


I had to wash the old Speedball ink off the block before I could restart with the new ink.  That caused the block to bend, making it impossible for me to apply ink properly.  After several unsuccessful test prints, I had to call it a night.  I set the block under LOTS of books to try and make it flat again and went to bed.




Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma


These are the test prints.   With the slight changes I made on every print, I saw improvements. That was extremely encouraging.  I wanted to do a few colour fastness and wash tests, but I ran out of time.   The bottom three I saved for a later day for that purpose.



The Joy of Success


Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma



Next day, much to my delight, I was able to very successfully pull a few prints by applying all the modifications I figured out the night before. 



Fabric lino block printing @ inktorrents.com by Soma


I set them to dry on the laundry drying rack.   The texture of the canvas fabric gave it a tapestry style look which I really love!



The Finish


Fabric lino block printing on canvas @ inktorrents.com by Soma


With the prints almost dry, I started working on my finished project.   Using one of the prints, I made a  bag with pockets.  The canvas fabric is stiff enough, but I still used interfacing to give it a sturdier body.




Here are a couple of photos of the inside and the back of the bag.  Please click on them to see the larger phtos.



A Giveaway


Fabric lino block printing on canvas @ inktorrents.com by Soma



As I was making the bag, I thought it would make the perfect giveaway for this festive event.  It’s a 11″ x 9″ sturdy bag made of canvas fabrics with three generously sized inside pockets.   I can think of so many things to use this bag for.   (Bag contents not included)


My giveaways are for those who subscribe to my blog via email. This is where I share my photos and work in context and communicate with you directly.  Thank you for reading and for all the wonderful comments!


The giveaway has now ended.




Just Let Me Quilt


I love taking part in Carol’s Halloween blog hops, and I am so glad that I got to participate this year again.  She keeps the event fun  and open, which lets me try out new ideas for my project.  She also makes fantastic quilts and patterns, specially Halloween themed ones.  Make sure to visit her website see her beautiful works.

I am sharing this day with these wonderful ladies –


Creatin’ in the Sticks


Samelia’s Mum

Songbird Designs


The Girl And Her Cat witnessing Flight of the Tree has become one my favourite Halloween stories.   I love those magical moments!

Happy Halloween Hopping!



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