Viking ship in stormy waters watercolour painting @ by Soma

Near And Far

Viking ship in stormy waters watercolour painting @ by Soma


Hi Everyone!  As chance would have it, exactly one year ago, I shared my paintings from the very first little Blue Book called Lost Pages.  It was also the beginning of The Girl and Her Cat stories.  As I started working on the little Blue Books with a series of paintings, I was finishing up a series of black and white photos taken over the previous 365 days.

These photos played a big part in my life, and I have been sharing them here every now and then.    Here is the next set of my Simple365 photos.


Simple 365 – Set 8

Please Click on the image thumbnails to see the photos and read the captions.





Memories from past travels


Rosa fresca aulentissima Simple365 black and white photo @ by Soma


We went to Italy for our very first overseas trip.  After spending a little over a week in Rome, we spent a couple of days in Florence.  It was a such a wonderful way to wrap up the time there.  We brought back these bottles of wine.  Not only did I save the bottles for nostalgia, I also love the beautiful labels.  It’s contains a few lines from a poem Rosa fresca aulentissima.


I created a page with all the previously shared photos from Simple365.  I continue to add photos to that page as I share them here.  This way I can relive the journey through the year via black and white photos like in an old album.



These photos are of the world around me, taken when I hardly left the house.  Photographing these little things daily provided me with much-needed focus at the time and brightened my spirit quite a bit.



Distant Pages


In contrast, the third blue book is called Distant Pages.  



Viking ship in stormy waters watercolour painting @ by Soma


Adventures tend to begin with a stormy sea


I have been obsessed about the north ever since I had conscious memory.  I was given a few books about voyages and expeditions, and about the mythology and stories of those faraway lands.  As I got older, the yearning for visiting those lands only got stronger. 


So it didn’t surprise me that I ended up making a whole book full of paintings with the adventurous Girl And Her Cat travelling through those lands.   In case you are wondering, The Girl And Her Cat is a series of paintings about an adventurous little girl who loves to travel and wander around with her little cat.


By the time I finished hand binding the little book, I could already picture the first painting.  These paintings are reflections of my travels to those places, specially Svalbard.


Please click on the image thumbnails to see the pictures and read about their wanderings –






The Girl And Her Cat travel to a stone ship


Viking stone ship watercolour painting @ by Soma


After walking and playing around for a while, they settled down with packed lunches and made up stories about the stones.



Far Horizons


Far Horizons watercolour painting @ by Soma


A painting for my dearest friend who made me listen to the same music album for hours on end while we worked together. 


I do hope you enjoyed this set of b&w photos and the paintings from the Distant Pages book.  Wishing you a lovely time whether you are in the comfort of your own home, or venturing into uncharted waters… or perhaps doing a little bit of both.


Until next time,


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Autumn Leaves Line art clip art @ by Soma Acharya

Leaves And Butterflies

Autumn Leaves Line art clip art @ by Soma Acharya


Hello Everyone! I have been spending a lot of time outside during the winter break, walking amongst the trees near and far and spending time with my camera. I find quite a bit solace and peace there. That in turn prompted me to work on a little project, and then to prepare something I could share with you.




Autumn Leaves Line art clip art @ by Soma Acharya



About ten years ago, I made an embroidery blanket for our kitty Charlie.   Very soon afterwards, it became one of his favourites.  Now, a decade later, it has become a bit threadbare.  During this break, I made a new one for him using the same layout and colors.  It is pretty much an exact replica of his original blanket.




Autumn Leaves Line art clip art @ by Soma Acharya



The only difference between the two is the binding.  Instead of using a blanket stitch again, I used this bramble fabric to bind this one.




Autumn Leaves Line art clip art @ by Soma Acharya


Download Autumn Leaves


I also polished up the leaf drawings I had made for the blanket.  Now they are available in my shop completely free for you to download. 

They are line arts of generous size.  You can resize them to your need and use them for so many projects – scrapbooking, greeting cards, applique, and embroidery, just to name a few.  You can also choose to spend time together colouring them.  




Autumn Leaves Line art clip art @ by Soma Acharya


these pocket journals handmade by me  are available in my shop


I traced the leaves in the nature journal and painted the trio.  I just love those warm colours.  I would very much like to see them made in different shades of green and yellow as new leaves.




Book Drive at Barnes And Noble @ by Soma Acharya


Every December, my husband and I purchase a set of books at our local Barnes and Noble book store for their yearly book drive for underprivileged children.  Hopefully these books from last December provided the little ones some much-needed escape.


Without going too much into my childhood, let’s just say I was glad to have the stars and books as my two constant companions growing up.  I dreamed about escaping to distant worlds whilst lying under the stars.  At other times, I dove into books to shut out the world outside, often wishing I was made of ink and paper.  They are still my escape, my world, my friends and family.




The Girl and Her Cat with Death watercolour painting @ by Soma Acharya



A few months ago,  I finished painting a little blue book about the Girl and Her Cat and about stories themselves.   There are some stories that are so heartbreaking, they would make Death cry.  Seems like we are living through one of those times yet again.  Sitting on his robe, the Girl and Her Cat listen to him and comfort him.




The Girl and Her Cat and butterflies watercolour painting @ by Soma Acharya


I flat out refuse to read a book where there is no hope.  Not every story has a happily ever after, but there is no living without hope.  After the Girl and Her Cat travelled to the end of the world to see Death, the two of them found something beautiful in the midst of the surrounding darkness.


When the war started, the constant thought in my head was how to get books / ebooks to the children who are so afraid and have lost their childhood.  I kept on looking daily until I came across this page on BBC.   I followed the link on Little Toller Books website and promptly donated.  You can find out more about this amazing endeavour at the links above.


Our cat Charlie is now dreaming on his new autumn leaves blanket, the leaves I drew from a few I found on the wayside.  Fragile things like leaves and butterflies spark simple childlike joy and hope, and become part of our art and stories.  I hope you will find the Autumn Leaves download helpful and make something beautiful with them.  We need that now more than ever.


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