Valley View Sunrise In September Yosemite National Park @ by Soma

Wandering Camera – Three Days In Yosemite

Valley View Sunrise In September Yosemite National Park @ by Soma


Welcome to Wandering Camera!  Around this time of the year I come out of my summer hibernation by camping in the chill air of the High Sierra Mountains between 8000ft and 10000ft.  This year however, we had to change our plans at the last minute due to the wildfires.

I have been to Yosemite Valley in every season but summer.  The days are too hot with temperatures ranging between 28C – 36C, while my melting point is around 16C. 

I was, however, so desperate to see the mountains that we drove to  Yosemite Valley with the mercury hovering around 48C.



Taft Point And El Capitan Yosemite National Park @ by Soma


We spent the first morning visiting a few favourites.  There was a heat advisory that day, and  it was clear that we needed to wake up extremely early to enjoy the summer outdoors.

We wanted to hike at least one trail.  Hiking to Taft Point was short enough for us to be back by mid-morning, before the day got too hot.  We got up at  5 AM, and after a little coffee, it was time to make the 45-min drive to the trail head.


A panoramic view of the Yosemite Valley  was waiting for us at the end of the 1.1-mile hike.  El Capitan (the massive rock on the right side of the photo)  towers over us in the valley, and here we were looking down at it.


Please Click on the image thumbnails to see the photos and read the captions –




At 7700ft elevation, Taft Point sits about 3500ft above the valley floor without guardrails.   If you suffer from acrophobia, you will really want to brace yourself. 


We also found four fissures with very sharp and long drops.   Please Click on the image thumbnails to see the photos –




My husband very gently reminded me that it was time for me to get back with these kind words – “Going out with you is like going out with a Yeti.  I need to get you back in your icebox before you melt away.”



Taft Point Yosemite National Park Nature Journal @ by Soma


A sketch of Taft Point from my own handmade watercolour nature journal.


In the afternoon, clouds started rolling in above the valley.  That night, we heard loud thunder followed by rain.  Beautiful, torrential rain, accompanied by the most delightful petrichor.   Nature is always full of surprises here in the Sierras, and I LOVE her for it.



Valley View Sunrise In September Yosemite National Park @ by Soma


I was hoping beyond hope that I would get a wonderful sunrise the next morning.  We again got up at 5AM, and drove into the valley.  Initially the clouds were really low, so I didn’t get to see a peach/pink sunrise.   Still, watching the sun come up over the Cathedral Rocks to slowly wake up the north side of the Valley was ever so beautiful.  I believe I even spotted a little mist on the Valley floor.



Purchase Golden Hour At Half Dome Yosemite Naitonal Park @ by Soma

Purchase Golden Hour At Half Dome


It turned out to be a beautiful, cool day!  The sun kept on playing hide and seek, lighting up the granite rock faces here and there.  That afternoon we read by Cook’s Meadow over mugs of tea.  With that, the day and our time there was over.  We finished our stay watching the last light of the day decorate beautiful Half Dome.


With a deep feeling of sorrow and yearning, I said goodbye to my mountains.



I have gotten a few requests for cards of  the Sierras photos in my shop.   I am excited to share these three cards, along with the last Half Dome photo above in my shop as the first set.


Purchase card of El Capitan In Autumn Yosemite Naitonal Park @ by Soma

Purchase El Capitan In Autumn


El Capitan has to accompany Half Dome.  Since autumn is upon us, I thought this photo of the beloved massive rock by the side of the Merced River would be perfect for the season.



Purchase Misty Merced In Autumn Yosemite Naitonal Park @ by Soma

Purchase Misty Merced In Autumn


Early morning mist floating over Merced River on an autumn morning, reaching out to both the colour-changing trees and the evergreens.



Purchase card An Afternoon At Lake Tenaya Yosemite Naitonal Park @ by Soma

Purchase An Afternoon At Lake Tenaya


A beautiful jewel of Yosemite – Lake Tenaya at approx. 8000ft.  Lake Tenaya is where I usually like to finish my High Sierra camping trip.


I hope you liked the photos and this first set of  the Sierras cards.   I print them on quality paper with archival ink as art print greeting cards.  They can be framed in a standard 5″ x 7″ frame.  You can find these little card prints here in my shop.



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Little Stories – Escape

Quill feather bookmark @ by Soma


I seriously needed to turn off the world and get away from it all.  Find some comfort in the little things.  I worked in the garden while listening to the trees swishing in the morning breeze, my favourite way to wake up.   I painted a bookmark and revisited my Simple365 photos of things that make me happy.  Let me share these little stories with you in the hope of bringing some joy to your world as well.


Early last year in February I started taking daily photos of simple, everyday things.   This set was taken during the last half of May.   I didn’t leave the house,  so the photos are of my everyday surroundings around the house, garden and my atelier where I spent most of my days.



Simple 365 – Set 6

Please Click on the image thumbnails to see the photos and read the captions.




I also created a page with all the previously shared photos from Simple365.  I will add more photos to that page as well, as I share them here.



A little tradition


Simple365 photo from Peak District Derbyshire England @ by Soma


When we travel abroad, my husband sends me a postcard from that place.  That way I have something in the mail after I come home.  I rotate these postcards on my desk.   My little desk friend loves to pose in front of them.



A little joy from the garden


Growing Japanese Indigo @ by Soma



 Japanese Indigo loves hot weather.   I mistakenly sowed some seeds at the worst time of the year, in autumn.    They were indoors in their little nursery for the longest time until I couldn’t keep them there any longer.  Unfortunately, I had to replant them in large pots right around winter.  We tucked them in at night under big shrouds, and used my husband’s halogen task lights to keep them warm.




Growing Japanese Indigo @ by Soma


They not only made it through the winter, but are now blooming with the most beautiful tiny little flowers.   I love it when plants survive and thrive.  Do you talk to your plants?  I quite often pet them and talk to them.



A quill story


Quill feather bookmark @ by Soma


However, even the garden work came to a sudden halt.   A few weeks back, it was quite abysmal outside due to the bad air from the wildfires.  By that Friday, I hadn’t seen a natural sky for days, only a smoke-filled grey-red sky.  My eyes kept burning, and only stopped when we filtered the air in the house.  All this from fires that were not even very close to us.

I decided to close the windows so I didn’t have to see the outside,  sat tight inside and worked on making a bookmark out of a scrap piece of paper.




Quill feather bookmark @ by Soma


I have collected quite a few ink bottles and writing instruments from our travels to medieval castles and abbeys.  I transported myself into a place where a scribe is working by candlelight.


Art can be such a wonderful balm, and it really helped that day when I was so emotionally exhausted.  Working on this bookmark while listening to one of my favourite audiobooks was just perfect.


I feel much more refreshed and ready to take on the world once again.   The air around us has cleared, and I can go outside and play/work in the garden again.  Little stories that make everyday special.


I hope this provided you some escape from the everyday and made you smile.   I would love to know which photo is your favourite.


Until next time,


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