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Magician's Alchemy Bookshelf watercolour painting

Magician’s Bookshelf


Autumn Forest with acrylic ink / watercolour Painting

Autumn Forest


Purple Phoenix Fantasy Watercolour painting

Purple Phoenix


Shooting Star Wildflower watercolour painting

Shooting Star Wildflower


Rainy Day In the Park Watercolour Painting with Tombow Markers

Rainy Day In The Park


Hay Bales Of Aberdeenshire Daniel Smith Water Soluble Oil Painting

Hay Bales Of Aberdeenshire


Scottish Thistles Watercolour Painting

Scottish Thistles


Oxford Skyline Watercolour Painting

Oxford Skyline Bookmark


York Streetlight Watercolour Painting

Streetlight Of Old York


Heather In Yorkshire Moors Acrylic Painting

Heather In Yorkshire Moors


Northern California Wildflowers Sennelier Oil Pastel Painting

Field Of Wild Flowers


Scotland Crumbling Castle Watercolour Painting

Crumbling Castle



Dryburgh Abbey Chapter House


October Sky Clearing Storm Yosemite Watercolour Painting

October Sky



High Sierra



Walking Toward The Storm


Whitby Sunset In Yorkshire Oil Painting

Whitby Sunset In Yorkshire



Falling Into Winter



Leaf On Asphalt



Perylene Green Forest Bookmark



Eclipsed Moon Bookmark



North Sea Watercolour



Stone Bridge, Mull, Scotland



Travel England



Christ Church, Oxford


Magdalen College Boats, Oxford


Quick Sketches



Sierra Trees



Stone House


Trees In The Morning Marker Painting

Trees In The Morning


Tree Silhouette At Sunset Derwent Pastel Pencils Painting

Tree Silhouette At Sunset



Space Violin Watercolour Sketch



Wayside Beacon


Inktense Acrylic Painting

Flag For My Atelier Drawn With Inktense Acrylic Pencils



Science Based Art


Science Art - Interference



Science Art - Orbitals



Science Art - Seastacks



Science Art - Turin Pattern

Turin Pattern


Science Art - Comet



Science Art - Comet Pattern

Speeding Through Space






GPS Detour -> Road Closed


Magic Alphabet



A is for Acrid


Ink And Marker



Sketch of a stone bridge, Mull, Scotland



Stone Bridge, Mull, Scotland


Drawing of a stone relief, Iona Abbey, Scotland

Drawing of a stone relief, Iona Abbey, Scotland


 Drawing of a stone relief, Iona Abbey, Scotland

Drawing of a doorway detail, Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland


Ring Of Brodgar

Ring Of Brodgar Drawn With Micron Pens






Sketchbooks And Bookmarks With Tutorials



Harris Tweed Journal cover



Mixed Media



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