Distant Pages

Paintings from the Distant Pages book


The Girl And Her Cat is a series of paintings about an adventurous little girl who loves to travel and wander around with her little cat.  


I have been obsessed about the north ever since I had conscious memory. I was given a few books about voyages and expeditions, and about the mythology and stories of those faraway lands. As I got older, the yearning for visiting those lands only got stronger.   So it didn’t surprise me that I ended up making a whole book full of paintings with the adventurous Girl And Her Cat travelling through those lands.  

By the time I finished hand binding the little book, I could already picture the first painting. These paintings are reflections of my travels to those places, specially Svalbard.  I mixed inspirations from my own travels and mythology, and created new stories.


Please click on the image thumbnails to see the photos and read the captions




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