Dragon magic bow and arrow painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma

Little Stories – Lost Pages And More

Dragon magic bow and arrow painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


Today I have quite a list of things to share with you.  New finishes and projects.  The revival of a  linky party and news of an upcoming giveaway.  Also, there’s a new place in the shop for The Girl And Her Cat.  I called the very first post of this year Little Stories.   It is a blend of the many things I worked on during the long winter break.  I miss sharing the little things that I come across now and then and I almost always have a little story or an anecdote to go with my work.  I thought I’d make Little Stories a series.   So, without further ado, let me show you around.



After The Storm Print @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


After The Storm


Twitter Art Exhibit is an event where artists send their works to be sold for different charities each year.   This year, all proceeds will go to the L_I_N_C, supporting leukaemia and other blood cancer patients and their families.

Last year I injured my right hand very badly.  For a while I couldn’t even hold a pencil, let alone draw and carve for a relief print.   Thankfully, they extended the deadline and I was able to finish this print.   I am happy to say that it got sold within the first day of the online shop opening.  That made me incredibly happy.




Knitting WIP @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



My hand has also mended enough for me to knit again.  The background in the photo is a cardigan that I finished knitting, now waiting for a zipper.  The front is a hat that I am currently knitting using wool that I purchased on our travels.  Hopefully I will be able to share the finishes here soon, along with pattern links and review.




Wandering Camera photography and arts linky party @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


We decided not to travel this year.   Since I really miss travel photography,  I thought I would take this chance to go through old travel photos and share them here.  Wandering Camera linky party is coming back.  It not only motivates me to work on my photos, I also love seeing yours.  If you follow me via email, you will get a reminder.


Even though I miss the excitement and wonder of visiting a new country, I am content with wandering in my painting books for now.



Paintings From The Lost Pages Book


Here are the last few paintings from the Lost Pages book.   Please Click on the image thumbnails to see the photos and read the captions.




I finished this book on my birthday.  Since I am squarely a winter girl,  I thought it would be apt if  The Girl And Her Cat were enjoying the aurora during an Arctic dawn.




Dragon magic bow and arrow painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


This one is really special to me.  I painted this bow and arrow imbued in dragon magic for protection and strength for an old friend who was going in for cancer surgery the next day.  The Girl And Her cat brought him to safe harbour though the storm.




Lost Pages book of daily watercolour painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


Lost Pages Paintings


You can see all the paintings from the Lost Pages book together at the above link.   Each page of this book tells a little story.  




Little sketchbooks for painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



Here is the latest stack of books I have made for painting since December of 2020.  They are all named and at least one of them is an illustrated story.   Most of them are about The Girl And Her Cat.



The Girl And Her Cat


The Girl And Her Cat is a series of paintings about an adventurous little girl who loves to travel and wander around with her little cat.   When I created the first painting of the duo planning by the fire, I had no idea where this journey would take me. 

This is the very first set of The Girl And Her Cat cards that I have added to my shop.  



Snow Day Plans - The Girl And Her Cat planning their voyage Art Print Greeting Card by @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


Purchase Snow Day Plans Card


Planning snow day adventures while staying warm by the fire.




Wild Child - The Girl And Her Cat are at Yorkshire Moors Malham Cove Art Print Greeting Card by @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


Purchase Wild Child Card


Loving the blustery early evening. They have the comfort and warmth of each other.




Red Inn - The Girl And Her Cat stopping by for some rest Art Print Greeting Card by @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


Purchase Red Inn


Stopping by the Red Inn for some tea, scones with jam, and some kippers by the fireplace.   The innkeeper knows them, so there’s always a little extra TLC.




Anticipation - The Girl And Her Cat waiting in anticipation in the forest Art Print Greeting Card by @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


Purchase Anticipation In The Forest


Waiting together in the woodland forest for the fairies and druids to appear.  They packed a lunch and plan to spend the whole day there.




The Girl And Her Cat Art Print Greeting Card by @ InkTorrents.com by Soma


Purchase The Girl And Her Cat Card Set 


I picked the paintings that can not only be displayed individually, but can also be a set.   I printed them on quality paper with archival ink as art print greeting cards.  So they can be send to a special person AND framed in a standard 5″ x 7″ frame.  You can find the cards here in my shop.



A Thank You


I really want to thank each one of you for visiting me and leaving such wonderful encouraging words, not to mention continuing to purchase from my shop.  Each sale is very special to me, whether it is a quilt pattern or a an art print.   The sales enable me to make donations to my favourite shelters and humane societies.  I will have a special Thank You giveaway next month.  Stay tuned!


Until next time,


I am linking up with the linky parties on my Events And Links page.  Please pay a visit to some of them.




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