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Fabric lino block printing @ by Soma


I find the process of lino carving very relaxing.  I found a few things that help a lot with it.  I created this page to share those findings with you in one place.



Preparing the board


Handmade Everyday Journals with Fairy Lanterns Lino Print @ by Soma



Lino blocks are completely grey or tan, and it is sometimes hard to see the lines you have already carved.  I applied a layer of ink to the surface of the lino block before drawing or transferring the design.  On the above photo, I could easily tell what the carved block looked like due to the black ink I applied to the surface beforehand.  Any diluted ink will do.



Preparing the desk for carving




Lining the desk

Both printing and carving are messy business.  I purchase packing paper for lining my table.  That way the paper catches all the shavings during carving and cleanup is a lot easier.  I use a drafting brush to clean the board while carving. 



Keeping tools sharp

I also keep my strop right beside me to keep the tools sharp.  Not only can a dull blade slip and cut your finger, it can also slip in the wrong direction and spoil the carving.  I hone my tools as soon as I feel them catching on the board.  Also, it is much easier to keep a blade sharp by honing than having to sharpen a dull blade. 


I will continue to add to this page as I share more block prints on the website.




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