Shattered Star And A Touch Of Halloween

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You are probably aware of my love for the night sky.  The life cycle of a star is a particular interest of mine.  The initial idea of this star came from visiting the Esmark Glacier near Svalbard up close, and seeing the sharp edges on the ice shards floating away from the glacier.  My mind (some might call it overimaginative at this point!) could not help but think of a supernova.  So came the idea of Shattered Star.

I have a few cuts of Stonehenge fabrics by Northcott because they remind me of stars and nebulae. Of course, I used them for this block.




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Colourways I played with before deciding upon the current version.






I want to make another wall hanging similar to Rainbow Star ( patterns available in my Shop ), following the same theme of the life cycle of a star.  The fuchsia colour is a placeholder for the fabric with myriad shades of pink, green, blue, purple from the Shattered Star stitched block.






The month of October means my favourite holiday and seasons are on their way.  I couldn’t help but think of another one in Halloween colours.  I have just the fabrics for it too. 






Speaking of Halloween, I love the magical/fairy tale aspect of it.  I am working on a new painting series – The Halloween Alphabet.  This is A for Acrid.  Can’t wait to share more with you as I continue to work on this series.  I am using a sketchbook to keep it all together.




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PumpkinHollowQuilts is even more mad about Halloween than I am.  She makes amazing Halloween decorations and cross-stitches.  With her permission, I get to share this beautiful witch hat with you that she made from my pattern.




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It has been ages since I made something for Halloween.  As happy as I am with finishing Shattered Star in the nebula colours, I am going to try my best to make the Shattered Star in Halloween colours as well.   You can also get the Shattered Star quilt pattern on my shop.


Thank you for all the well wishes on the last Wandering Camera post.  I am so happy to hear that you liked the camping photos.  You can still link up your posts here.

Until next time and Happy Creating,


As my monthly goal is to finish the block,  I am linking up with One Monthly Goal hosted by Elm Street Quilts.

I am also linking up with the linky parties on my Events And Links page.  Please pay a visit to some of them.




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A Witch And Her Kitties

Halloween Witch Hat Quilt Pattern


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I couldn’t let my favourite holiday go by without making something special this year.  Because of the vacation, I was running super short on time and came in to the game very very late.  So it had to be something quick and fun at the same time.


I love to wear hats, and I thought a large-brimmed Halloween Witch Hat wall hanging would be so perfect for this season!  It’s iconic but also stylish!  I literally finished drawing and making it within a day.  Hand sewing the binding took longer than putting this Halloween-themed quilted wall hanging together.


You can get this really easy 18″ Halloween Witch Hat quilt pattern from from my shop.  There are some large pieces in this pattern. so I would suggest printing two copies and using one copy as a template to cut the fabric out for the large pieces.  As always with paper piecing, cut the pieces larger than you think you will need.



Halloween Pillow



I also made this matching pillow cover with the same set of fabric.  I love making these quick pillow covers.



Reading Corner



This is where my husband reads at night.  The wall hanging and the pillow will probably end up here.  I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I drew that map of Middle Earth.  If you look to the left of the chair, there is a laundry basket on the side.  There’s a good reason for that.


I took that laundry basket from my mother about 21 years ago.  It is now falling apart, yet I am unable to throw it away.  Every time I finish doing laundry, my kitties hop in the empty laundry baskets.  That gave me an idea!



Tuffleberry In Basket



I folded one of my blankets to make a bed for them, then put one of their blankets which I had made, on top.  I put Mr. Tuffleberry in it.  He is an extremely camera-shy, nervous kitty.  He stayed and gave me lots of kisses.



Charlie In Basket



Later on I found Charlie fast asleep in there!


Mission accomplished!!  Now I need to get busy with sprucing up that basket for them.


Happy Sewing,




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