A stone bridge watercolour painting @ InkTorrents.com by Soma

Wandering Pages & Watercolour Books


Hello Everyone!  I have been working on so many different things that it has been hard to share all of it here in real time.  I have been painting quite a few adventures of  The Girl And Her Cat, even though they have not been here lately.  Before we join them on their next adventure, I have something special to share with you.


Growing up with sketchbooks and watercolours in my hands, I have grown very persnickety about paper.



Handmade clothbound watercolor journal @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



When I started painting the Lost Pages book,  I decided to make my own journal so I could paint without having to worry about the paper falling apart on me.   I have made quite a few books since then.



Handmade clothbound watercolor journal @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



This rekindled the love and awe I felt toward bookmaking as a child.   Most of these books are about the Girl And Her Cat but there are also a couple of other stories somewhere in them. 



Handmade clothbound watercolor journal @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



I even reorganised my Atelier to have all the supplies at hand.  I also realised that I am making more books than I can use.  In the end, I decided to add books to my shop. 




Snowdrops Watercolour in handmade watercolor journal @ InkTorrents.com by Soma



It drives me insane when paper pills or falls apart when I am painting.  I should be able to layer paint as well as lift it off without the paper starting to disintegrate.  I could not be happier with the paper choices in these books. 


Here are a few detail photos. Please click on the image thumbnails to see the photos.




A little about the books –


The books are encased in covers made with high quality book cloth.

They are made with paper vetted by me.

I hand stitch them the traditional way with special strong thread, then additionally use glue and other methods to secure the spine.

They are also bound in a way that they stay flat.   There is almost no gap in the middle, so a painting can be done spanning both pages.

The end papers are made with card stock.  My logo is on the back for authenticity. 



Wandering Pages


It all started with the Lost Pages book and the Girl And Her Cat.   It is time for them to return here.   This time, the adventurous girl and her cat decide to take a walk past the little bridge that they can see over the wall and see where it takes them.


So without further ado, let’s see where they go in the Wandering Pages Book. Please click on the image thumbnails to see the pictures and read about their wanderings –




Aside from exploring with them,  I have also been making the new books in these colours.  They are all clothbound, which I have always found to be very special.  Please click on the image thumbnails to see the photos.



Purchase Journals


I want these books to be available to both artists and non-artists.  So I have created two kinds.  Other than the paper, the two kinds of books are identically made.


For artists – The pocket watercolour journals are made with 140lb cold press artist grade 100% cotton watercolor paper.

For non-artists – The pocket journals are made with 140lb high quality paper great for pen, ink and gentle watercolor.   I use them for any kind of notes such as gardening, travel and nature. 


At 4″ x 3″ (4” x 6” opened) the books are the perfect size to carry around everywhere.  You get the exact journals that I make for myself.   This way, I can share the joy of using traditionally-made clothbound journals filled with wonderful paper with you.   You can purchase the journals from my shop.


Since I make them personally, please allow me a few days for making them, especially if you are getting them for gifts. 




I hope you liked the beginning of the new adventures of the Girl And Her Cat, as well as the books I made.   Where would your journey begin, I wonder…


Until next time,


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