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Knitting Basket With Fair Isle Star Quilt Pattern


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Recently I sorted a bunch of my orphan quilt blocks and the fair isle star was among them.  I always wanted to make a fabric basket using one of my paper piecing blocks.  Since the day I made the fair isle star quilt pattern, I knew that’s the block I wanted to use for a fabric basket to store some of my knitting supplies.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  I love it so much!  I also learned how to make perfect corners with this project.  I am writing up a tutorial on that which I am hoping to share with you next week.



Scarf From Sock Of Kindness Knitting Pattern



I find knitting scarfs to be the perfect way to learn new techniques for a novice knitter like me.  Since the knitting pattern uses exclusively SSK and K2TOG,  I have mastered them with this scarf.  I even learned how to figure out the stitching order of the next row based on what the stitches looked like in the previous row.  You can’t believe how excited I got when I figured that out!!  I was making a lot of mistakes before then, but after that it became super easy to knit this scarf with the help of a few stitch markers.



Scarf From Sock Of Kindness Knitting Pattern



During my search for a generally easy pattern, I came across the Sock of Kindness pattern on Flickr.  I fell in love with the pattern and I thought this yarn would complement it very well.  It’s a sock weight yarn I got last year during our visit to Bergen, Norway (it’s a beautiful city, by the way).   I love the transition of the warm and cool colours along with the simple addition of the design in the scarf.  I used 4.00mm (US 6) knitting needles and 40 stitches to make this scarf.  Now I am on the hunt for my next knitting project; I love keeping my hands busy!


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