Hot Days Of Summer

August Sunset | Whims And Fancies


Taken with my cell shortly after dinner at a pho place


The outside temperature has been around 40C (104F) lately and I am determined not to expose myself even a little bit to the hot sun.  The quilts are all put away.  Even my quilt-addicted kitties are rolling up their mini quilts so they can sit on the cool, bare surfaces.  Yes, they bundle up their quilts with their forepaws when they don’t want to use them.  Hot summer days are perfect for rummaging through photos.  I did exactly that and found a few that I would love to share.



Icad 2015 Drawing Discards | Whims And Fancies



This is a photo of all the bits and pieces of discarded index cards.  I had to restart quite a few of them because of mistakes and bad or unexpected results.  The fanned-out stack of cards on the right is where I practised drawing circles over and over until I could draw them without having the marker leaving a darker dot at the start and stop points.  I couldn’t bear to throw those cards away.  When I get frustrated of my ineptness, they serve as a reminder of the age-old saying – Practice Makes Perfect.



Cold Pour Soap | Whims And Fancies



Recently I got a set of lovely soap moulds along with a set of essential oils from my DH.  The oils make the house smell amazing while the soap cures.  Now I have enough moulds to make a double batch of soap.



Quilt And Cats | Whims And Fancies



I used the Panorama feature of my phone to take this picture.  I am at the bottom left corner, being pinned down by these two kitties.  I was positively cooking under the bulk of the quilt and two hairy cats.  No wonder it took me so long to finish hand-sewing the binding of the Greekness quilt!



Quilt And Cats | Whims And Fancies



This was a few months ago.  I couldn’t sleep, so I worked on the binding of the Castles In The Air quilt.  I was glad of his company in those wee hours of the night.



Aran Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Purchase Aran Star Pattern


Lastly, Fort Worth Fabric Studio featured my Aran Star pillow on their blog.  I am stoked!!


Thanks to my friends Susie and Lara, I entered this post to Pets On Quilts 2015


Pets On Quilts


I hope you enjoyed photo-rummaging with me.  If you are in the area of this extreme heatwave we are having, I hope you stay safe and cool.


Until next time,




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Sunday Puttering

Taffy In The Morning



The Sun is deciding on a daily basis lately if it wants to show its face or not.  Today is cloudy – it won’t rain but it is keeping it cool around here.   My favourite kitchen store is now at least an hour away from our new place instead of fifteen minutes away as it was in the city.  Since we decided to make a day of it and drive there through the beautiful wine country yesterday, puttering around the house today felt like the best thing to do on a cloudy, cool Sunday.   This boy of mine is very skittish, so it was also very nice to have him around in the morning during breakfast!



Homemade soap



This is the first batch of soap I made from scratch in this house and it was time to take them out of their moulds.  They spent the night in the freezer so I could pop them out very easily.  I am desperately in need of essential oils for the soaps since we decided to buy them after the move.  I better get on with it!  I used jojoba oil and tea tree oil for these.  I love home-made soap.



Potato Leek Soup



After taking care of yesterday’s shopping and the soap in the kitchen, I made a light potato-garlic-leek soup for lunch.  I love putting fresh thyme in this soup.  However, since my new thyme plant unfortunately didn’t make it,  I had to used dried ones this time.  The soup was very tasty nevertheless.



Castle Quilt Top



I have been working on finishing a few quilts too.  I finished putting the wonky castle quilt top together – I’ll quilt it with an Argyle pattern very soon.



Flowers Of The United Kingdom Quilt Top



Before I work on the castle quilt though, I want to finish this mini first.  The top is ready and I finally have an idea on how to quilt this one – lots and lots of overlapping concentric circles.

So that’s my Sunday so far.  Now I am off to play a video game with my hubby and later on make a chocolate pear pudding for desert.  He is making dinner tonight. Woohoo!

Wish all Sundays were this quiet!




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