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Coffee Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



I love the bright-coloured wildflowers of Spring.  In Southern California the season is short and I used to make the most of it by taking day trips to see them.  Sadly, due to extreme hay fever, the beauty of wildflowers has been all lost on me since I moved to Northern California.  Although I love to be outside A LOT, I now have to restrict myself to the indoors during Spring as much as possible, even with constant medication.  On top of this, I also got a bad cold (again!!) with a sore throat last week.  The cold and the allergy medicines together are making me so sleepy and that I am constantly feeling like a drained battery.


Coffee Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


So I have been depending on caffeine more than ever to get anything done.  A drained laptop battery gave me the idea for this Coffee Meter quilt pattern.  I promptly drew it, drafted the pattern and made the block.  The block makes me giggle, probably because I always overwork my laptop which is also in need of a new battery.  The poor thing runs out of juice so quickly, now I know how it feels!



Coffee Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


I am dusting off the old Coffee Chemistry block for the blog hop as well.  Remember this one?



Lunar Eclipse April 4th, 2015



Getting up in the middle of the night to watch and take photos of the recent lunar eclipse probably increased the need for coffee even more!



Happy Caffeinating…I mean Sewing!




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Coffee Chemistry

Caffeine Chemistry Quilt Pattern


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I am very much a coffee addict – tea too, for that matter – anything with caffeine in it.  Looking back, I realised that the addiction started in college.  Before then, my version of coffee was a cup of hot milk with a sprinkle of instant coffee.  I am serious!!  A caffeine quilt pattern was definitely in order.


I have always loved chemistry and astronomy the most, so I was pretty sure I wanted to study the chemistry of stars because that was a perfect blend of the two.  If only it were that simple!  Once I started college, I took a plethora of science classes just because, and I had the hardest time deciding on a major because I wanted to study everything.  Later on I moved on to study computers because they were new and seemed extremely interesting too.  However, looking through a telescope still fascinates and humbles me and chemistry still excites me.


I was torn between making a coffee-themed quilt pattern and a science-themed quilt pattern.  In the end I decided to blend the two and created Coffee Chemistry block.


I envisioned the caffeine molecule drawn on a chalkboard, and luckily, I had the perfect fabric on hand for that.   The pattern is done in three sections – the cup, the arrow and the molecule.


The block is fairly easy to make.  However, I also added an embroidered version of the molecule in the pattern, just in case you weren’t feeling like paper piecing the molecule.


I am seeing a bag in my future using the above block.  It will be a fun bag to carry around, proclaiming my love of science and coffee.  I know some of you are either yourselves caffeine addicts like I am (you know who you are!  *wink*) or  you definitely have someone in your family who is one.  Perhaps you can make a fun mug rug with this pattern?


Need to fill my cup!




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