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ICAD 2015 - Element Picker | Whims And Fancies


Day 7 – Periodic Table

Derivative of Colour Picker – An Element Picker


Last year I got to know about icad – Index Card A Day – at Daisy Yellow, but it was toward the very end of the event.  So I decided to not bother joining it at the last moment.  This year, however, I was ready to jump start my drawing, which I had been missing very dearly.  Since the 1st of June I made a commitment to draw one index card per day.  This set is from my first week.



ICAD 2015 - Taxi | Whims And Fancies


Day 6 – Taxi

They need to go home too!



ICAD 2015 - Owl | Whims And Fancies


Day 5 – Owl

Want to play in the rain with me?



ICAD 2015 - Mailbox | Whims And Fancies


Day – 4 Mailbox

From the Edwardian Era, for one of my favourite authors, P. G. Wodehouse



ICAD 2015 - Map | Whims And Fancies


Day 3 – Map

Milky Way, in case you were going that way



ICAD 2015 - Carnival | Whims And Fancies


Day 2 – Carnival

The book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury has haunted my dreams for a very long time, but no more.



ICAD 2015 - Chevron | Whims And Fancies


Day 1 – Chevron

I love to swim in the summer; sunlight reflecting off water is one my favourite sights.



The event runs until July 31st, that makes a total of 61 cards.  You can find out more about it at the Daisy Yellow website in case you are inclined to join in.  It should be a lot of fun for kids too.  I am really loving it so far and I am very happy with my progress.  I hope you enjoyed the little show and tell.  I will share more cards as I draw along.



Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Pattern for travel or coffee and tea lover | Whims And Fancies



I have one little sewing note to mention.  Since I love coffee and tea so much, cafe stops are a must for me while travelling.  Those are also the best places to try out local food and watch life happening around me.  That thought initiated the Sidewalk Cafe quilt pattern.  I made mine with British Motor Racing colours and used the address of my all-time favourite fictional detective as the name of the cafe.



Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Pattern for traveller or cafe and tea lover | Whims And Fancies



I had fun making these alternate versions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make a cafe quilt block each for different places and make a table runner or a wall hanging?  I wish I had more time to create, don’t you?!!


Happy Crafting,




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Have A Latte With Travel Bags

Shoulder Hand Bags With Coffee Pattern | Whims And Fancies



Black Coffee and lattes flow pretty freely in our home.  A few years ago, we got a cappuccino machine and my husband slowly perfected the art of making lattes, cappuccinos and espressos at home.  I drink pretty light black coffee, but my espresso drinks would keep a spoon upright.  I have a pretty big selection of tea too.  There’s of course also chai latte.  I love them so much more than carbonated drinks.  No wonder I perked up when I saw this blog hop theme!



Crossbody Hand Bag With Coffee Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Purchase Coffee Chemistry Pattern


This Coffee Chemistry block had been collecting dust in my cabinet for a while.  That’s the caffeine molecule found in coffee and tea.  I knew I wanted to make a bag with this block from the very beginning, but the perfect coordinating fabric eluded me until I found the coffee bean fabric.  When the fabric arrived, I worked out a pattern for crossbody bags, which I am very fond of.  The pale green coffee bean fabric compliments my green block so well.  I added the blue zipper for a little punch of colour against the brown adjustable strap.



Crossbody Hand Bag With Coffee Pattern | Whims And Fancies



I also added a back pocket along with an inside pocket. I’m hoping for a trip to Sweden in the very near future.  Coincidentally, the book fits perfectly in the back pocket.  I have been using this bag since the day I made it.



Shoulder Hand Bags With Coffee Pattern | Whims And Fancies



I also needed to make a bag that was a little larger than the green Coffee Chemistry bag.  Last week I was feeling very sleepy all the time due to combined doses of allergy and cold medicines.  As the coffee in my cup diminished, so did my energy level.  Mimicking that, I drew a Coffee Meter quilt pattern.  I then promptly proceeded to make the block followed by the bag, using a cream version of the coffee bean fabric this time.  I love the yellow-orange zipper against the grey strap, it is one of my favourite colour combinations.  I also added a set of grey buttons, which I had handy, at the base of the straps.



Shoulder Hand Bags With Coffee Pattern | Whims And Fancies



There is extra room in the back pocket, even after I put my iPad in there.  I don’t carry very large bags, this one is a perfect size for day trips and air travel.  Along with my usual content, I can easily carry a couple of books, a water bottle, my sketchbook etc. in this one.



Shoulder Hand Bags With Coffee Pattern | Whims And Fancies



The Sweden guide book tells me that Fika or “to have coffee” is a very integral part of the Swedish culture.  I am excitedly looking forward to exploring that culture.  These are my first self-designed bags and they are definitely going to come along with me.



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