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 Tafoni Salt Point Sonoma Coastline by Soma Acharya


We were going to go on a secluded, completely self-sustained and therefore safe cabin adventure in the Sierra mountains for a few days. A couple of days before our departure, the National Forest Service had to close down all the areas under its jurisdiction due to the continuous massive wildfires raging in and around the state of California.  Not only was our cabin located in one of those areas, the air quality there had become acutely hazardous and remains that way even today.






Not to be put off and eager to see my beautiful state again after months of being at home, I spent the next 12+ hours poring over maps, books and websites, trying in vain to find another safe venue.  Eventually, instead of forcing the matter, I decided to stay home and turn my attention to areas that are closer by for one or two day trips.




Tafoni Salt Point Sonoma Coastline by Soma Acharya



The very next morning, we woke up to an eerie orange sky from another large wildfire north of us.  The wind flow kept the ash in the upper atmosphere.  That kept the air quality moderate enough for us to be outside for limited amounts of time.  My husband and I drove out to the coast toward a place we had not been to before, in search of a rock formation called Tafoni.



 Tafoni Salt Point Sonoma Coastline by Soma Acharya



We drove through coastal mountains covered in low marine fog, while the treetops peeked over the haze.  The orange haze, however, was a constant reminder of the acrid air outside.





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With the sun lost above the ash-laden sky, light was failing fast, even though we were nowhere near the time of sunset.   When we got there, I decided to look for Tafoni close by instead of walking out on a trail.  Fortunately, I readily found a cliff face very close by, after just a couple of minutes of walking. 




Tafoni Salt Point Sonoma Coastline by Soma Acharya



Despite the murky sky, the area was beautiful, framed by the crashing waves on one side and nature’s artwork of Tafoni on the other.  Listening to the ocean had a wonderful healing effect on the mind.  As it was getting dark and I started developing a headache as air quality worsened, we had to pull ourselves away for the journey back home.





Storyboarding my most favourite Middle Earth lore for a minibook



We did manage to go on one more very tiny outing close to our home before it became really bad outside.  So I stayed at home and travelled though playing in my sketchbook during the rest of our time off.


You know how much I love the Sierra mountains, and I have always gone there for comfort.  This year I needed to be there more than ever, but I felt very lucky to have been able to visit this beautiful place close to home.  I hope to go back there soon and venture onto more trails.


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Wandering Camera – Mono Lake Sunrise


Hello everyone!  Welcome to this month’s Wandering Camera.  Today I would like to share a few more photos from our last camping trip.  Mono Lake in the eastern Sierra is a very special place.  Its fascinating geology lends to its beauty.  I was a novice photographer when I was there the last time during sunrise many years ago and that left an impression on me.  Now, years later, it was time to revisit and refresh that memory.



High Sierra Tioga Pass Sunset | Whims And Fancies


Wandering Camera – Sunset Hour


Last month I shared photos of a spontaneous visit to one of the many glacial lakes in the High Sierras during the sunset hour.  It was a magical hour.  Not quite so spontaneous, we headed out next morning toward Mono Lake for the sunrise.



Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies



In September, High Sierra mornings are already very cold.  Since we were going to be standing still by the lakeside for photography, we bundled up in layers of warm clothing and drove out in the darkness. 

The cold air, the gentle lapping of water on the shore, the peach and cream sky and the intensely blue lake interspersed by the Tufa all combined to make the place look very otherworldly.



Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies





Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies





Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies





Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies





Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies





Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies





Wandering Camera - Mono Lake Sunrise | Whims And Fancies




Unlike the sunset of the night before which unfolded over the course of an hour, the sunrise was a much briefer affair.   We left shortly thereafter with a dazed head from this ethereal early morning.




Fall Red Leaf Watercolour | Whims And Fancies



Next week is a holiday week here in the US, so I am posting this month’s Wandering Camera a week early. 

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This is also going to be the last Wandering Camera until January.  I will leave the linky party open throughout January in case you want to continue to link up.  I love visiting you and reading a bit about your world, where you have been visiting, and what you have been creating.


Wandering Camera - Photography Linky Party | Whims And Fancies


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