Last Vestiges of Autumn

Quilted Bag Made With Piano Quilt Pattern

Some of you already have the winter storm inviting itself to your home.  I hope the warm colours of the last vestiges of Autumn in this post brings you a little bit of comfort.  It’s always a pleasure for me to share blocks and projects made by others using my quilt patterns.  Quite by chance I came across this stunning quilted music bag made by Gwen.   Not only is her piecing of the piano block beyond perfect, she picked the perfect accompanying fabrics too.  They add a beautiful touch of movement and sophistication to the bag.  The golden-yellow music notes fabric is so tangibly warm.  She made this bag to carry the music for her piano lessons.  I play the piano too and this bag is such an inspiration!  I am in awe!  You can see more photos of this bag on her blog.


Violin Quilt Pattern

Another surprise awaited me when I saw this violin block made by Katrin.   I would have never thought of using those colours for a violin, they make it so bohemian!  It’s gorgeous and I love it!  The colours of the violin are also scattered like confetti in the background fabric of the block.  I play only classical music on the violin, but Katrin’s violin block is making me want to play something risque and new!!


Fall Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern


Fall Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern

I think music and autumn are a match made in heaven.  In my mind I can very easily interweave music and the movement of leaves in the autumn breeze so I was only too happy to show you the beautiful musical instruments along with these leaves made by Kris.  She has been making these spontaneous maple leaves and I love seeing them.  It’s like finding the perfect leaves during a walk and you know you have to bring them back home with you.  Perfect for keeping in the treasure box.  Aren’t they beautiful?!

Over the previous months I have collected quite a few projects from others.  I created a Made By Others page so these projects have a forever home.  Many thanks to all of you for giving me permission to share your work.

Nettle Mitts

These works have inspired me to work on new patterns.  Aside from that and sewing the binding on a queen size quilt, I am working on these mitts with leaf patterns in them.  This is my first project with double-pointed needles and these are my first mitts.  I am knitting them slowly to avoid making mistakes.  So far it’s going really well.  Hopefully pretty soon I will have something homemade to keep my hands warm.  Wish me luck!



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Piano Trio Wall Hanging

Cello, Violin, Grand Piano - Music Quilt Patterns


Purchase Musical Instruments Pattern


I love playing my violin and my piano. That is what inspired my music instrument patterns. Originally I only wanted to make a violin wall hanging but it kind of snowballed from there and I have been making music instruments quilt patterns ever since. This wall hanging is still my most favorite because I connect with these instruments so personally.



Music Quilt Center



I wanted to use a pattern that would bring the instruments together much like in a musical piece.  Using the basic idea of a music stave, I spiraled the lines and got my quilting design. I used two sets of five lines: the bottom set was quilted with dark brown thread and the top set was quilted with an ecru one. I used black binding to balance out all the brown in the quilt.



Violin Quilt Pattern


Purchase Fiddle The Violin Pattern


The very first music instrument quilt block I made – the Violin



Piano Quilt Pattern


Purchase Piano Sonata Pattern


Piano was next.



Cello Quilt Pattern


Purchase Soulful Cello Pattern


A Cello wrapped up this set.


It all started earlier this year with a violin and a piano quilt pattern because I play those instruments, and I continued to make various other musical instrument patterns on request.  Once I finish the recently requested saxophone and banjo patterns,  I hope to work on a couple more instruments for my rock music quilt.



Cello, Violin, Grand Piano - Music Quilt Patterns


Purchase Musical Instruments Pattern


This is my harmonious piano trio, which is now hanging in the sewing area of my living room.

You can pick up all these musical instrument patterns from my shop.  If you need a specific one, please let me know, I will be happy to make one for you.


I am taking a little break from designing and sewing for a few days to pursue another of my very favorite hobbies.  I will write all about it very soon.


Until then,




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