Union Jack Pillow

Union Jack Quilt Pattern


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I really really wanted an Union Jack pillow, that’s the first thing I really wanted to make. Yes, there are a lot of “really”-s in that sentence, that’s how badly I wanted one!



Union Jack Quilt


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I made two patterns for the Union Jack.  Actually, this is how I started making paper piecing patterns.  Guess what I made with the 10″ x 10″ square block pattern?  Not a pillow.  I made a small quilt for my kitties.  That was the very first quilt I ever made too.



Union Flag quilt for kitty


Kitty on his favourite quilt



Union Jack Quilt


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Then my husband came in the picture. “What? I don’t get one?” All right, off I went again. I made 20 paper pieced squares to make a quilt for him – my very first lap quilt.



Union Jack Quilted Pillow


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After that, on special request, I made another rectangular Union Jack pattern that is true to the proportions of the flag.  Then I finally got a 12″ x 16″ pillow form. Since the pattern is 8″ x 16″, I enlarged the pattern a little so the width would be 17″ to allow for 0.5″ seam allowance. Then I added strips on the top and bottom of the block and the pillow top was done.


So I finally I have my Union Jack pillow – my very first quilted pillow.  Looks like a lot of “very first” happened around that specific design. Can you blame me? It’s symmetrical, bright, quick to sew and with paper piecing I get perfect points every time. I wonder when I will get the next bug to make something with this pattern again. A bag, perhaps?


Both of the Union Jack patterns are available individually in my Shop.






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