Garnet Primrose And The Rest Of Sweden

Garnet Primrose Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


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I continue to work on my Downton Abbey stained glass flower quilt.  Garnet Primrose is the last of the four flowers I designed for this quilt.  Since the rest of the flower quilt patterns look like mineral crystals, I made the tips of the primrose petals less curved to keep with the theme.  I have always loved the deep red colour of garnet, plus, I also find schist – the metamorphic rock in which garnet is found – fascinating.  So I had to name this flower after the mineral garnet.


The Garnet Primrose flower quilt pattern is also in my shop.  Just like the other flowers, it is also a 12″ block.


Downton Abbey Stained Glass Flower Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies


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Here is the initial set of blocks for my quilt.  I have already printed out more copies of each pattern.  Now I need to work on the quilt layout so I know exactly how many of each flower I need to make.  Thank you for your lovely words on these quilt blocks and many thanks also to those who have purchased the blocks already.


I also have the last few photos of Sweden that I want to share with you.  Last time I left off at the Lerkaka windmills in Öland.



Eketorps Borg Sweden | Whims And Fancies



The next day began at Eketorps Borg.  It is a reconstructed Viking fortress, which is closed during September.  My husband emailed them about a private tour.  We were very surprised to get a reply back and we were not disappointed. Gabriella and her friend, who are both archaeologists, were waiting for us when we got there.  While her friend got busy with getting ready for the last celebration of the season, Gabriella gave us an extremely detailed tour and answered all of our many questions very patiently.  We even got to see the meticulously created props for the festival which are usually off-limits to the public.



Eketorps Borg Sweden | Whims And Fancies



This is the back wall of one of the reconstructed huts.  These replicated wall hangings are modelled after fragments that were found during excavation.  There is a reconstructed loom on the right side of the room.  After the tour the four of us spent more time chatting about the history of that area over coffee.  That completely derailed our tight schedule, but we were having so much fun that we didn’t want to rush out of there.



Gravfalt Sweden | Whims And Fancies



We finally forced ourselves to say goodbye to the two lovely ladies.  On our way to the Borgholm Castle we stopped by Gettlinge Gravfält – a prehistoric burial site.  This is one of the many burial sites on the island.



Kalmar Runestone Sweden | Whims And Fancies



There are also many rune stones in Öland.  You could literally spend days spotting them!



Borgholm Castle Sweden | Whims And Fancies



It was a fairly long drive from Eketorps Borg to Borgholm Castle.  Due to the extra time spent at Eketorps Borg and at the burial site, we only had an hour at the castle before they closed.  It was a rushed visit, but we managed to see all of it.



Borgholm Castle Sweden | Whims And Fancies



It is a castle ruin, most of the flooring is now missing.  There are four towers, one at each corner.  I took the photo of this tower from the top level.  We were desperately hungry by this time since we had skipped lunch to get here on time.  So it was time to forage for some food.



Ismantorps Borg Sweden | Whims And Fancies



Light was starting to fail as we drove toward Ismantorps Borg.  We walked through a short path through an extremely quiet wood at this remote place during dusk.  I could almost feel the spirits of the prehistoric people in that place.  Ismantorps Borg is a ruin, but remnants of leftover structures can still be seen.  It is suggested that it was not used as a fortress, but as a place for worship.  There is an alter-like area in the middle.

We clambered up on a wall, speculating about the area over a coffee break.  As I was coming down after taking this photo, my ankle twisted and I took a spectacular fall.  Luckily I was able to put my hands out in front of me and my face didn’t meet the rock underneath.  I got away with a limp and some bruises.



Kalmar Castle Sweden | Whims And Fancies



We spent the next morning at Kalmar Castle.  It is an impressive renaissance castle that faces the sea on one side.  We walked all around the ramparts and also alongside the castle wall.  This photo is taken from one of the ramparts.    It was such a beautiful day, sunny, cool and lightly breezy.  A group of four young boys and girls were having a small picnic up here.



Kalmar Castle Sweden | Whims And Fancies



The rooms were beautifully decorated with panelling and paintings.  We were really happy about our decision to spend the whole morning there.  After lunching at Kalmar Cafe inside the castle we started on our drive toward the west.



Lund Sweden | Whims And Fancies



On the way to Malmö where we would overnight, we stopped at Lund to see the astronomical clock inside Lund cathedral.   Very much like Uppsala, the university here is also located close to the cathedral.  It made for a very nice afternoon walk.



Ales Stenar Sweden | Whims And Fancies



In the morning we drove from Malmö to Ystad by the seaside to see the stone ship, Ales Stenar.  It is a megalithic structure shaped like a ship.  It may have had astronomical significance as well.



Malmo Sweden | Whims And Fancies



We were going to spend a little time in Malmö before leisurely taking a train back to Stockholm airport.  Unfortunately, on the way back from Ystad, we got stuck in a road closure due to a traffic accident.  That and the returning of the rental car hardly left us any time at Malmö.  A few rushed minutes at the town centre and it was time for us to depart Sweden.

Thank you so much for travelling along with me.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

We explored Sweden in 9 days, across 1500 miles, 22 cities and 1111 photos.  We had to forgo visiting a few places in favour of spending more time at others, but we are very happy with the choices we made.



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Happy Holidays Everyone!



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Holiday Crackers And More Of Sweden

Christmas Crackers Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



The child in me still loves Lego Advent calendars and Christmas crackers.  I can’t wait to open them and reveal their unknown contents.  The pop sound of the Christmas crackers makes me laugh, just like popping bubble wrap.  The bad jokes inside the crackers are perfect for head-shaking and groaning!

Every year I think I will make a set of holiday crackers blocks and every year I forget.  Not this year!  Last week I ignored my other projects, spent a LOT of time drawing Christmas crackers and writing the pattern files.  I started sewing them as soon as I was finished with the patterns.


Holiday Crackers Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



I found these sweater checks leftover fabrics under a pile and thought they resemble paper.  The snowflake background fabric was inside the surprise package that my friend Kris sent me couple of months ago.



Christmas Crackers Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies



I played around a little more and came up with a total of eight Christmas cracker quilt patterns.  By combining different pieces I can see so many more possibilities.  Most of these blocks would be great for fussy cuts.

Each block is 5″ x 10″.  They are the perfect size to make Christmas stockings with.  I am pretty sure I want to make place mats with mine though.

I had so much fun making them that I already picked out fabrics for another set.  I am calling them Holiday Crackers because I didn’t want to stop at making them only for Christmas.


I have also been working on the Sweden photos.  Last time I spoke of driving to Stockholm from Falun, which was not a very long drive.  As we were having dinner in Stockholm, we decided to visit Uppsala the following morning even though we had no plans for going there originally.



Uppsala Library Sweden | Whims And Fancies



The primary reason for the Uppsala visit was Carolina Rediviva, the university library.  The library contains many manuscripts and first editions, some of which were on display.  Photography was not allowed, and for once I was happy about that.  It gave me a chance to enjoy the papers without fussing about getting good photos of them.



Uppsala Sweden | Whims And Fancies



Right around the corner from the library was the towering Uppsala Cathedral.  The inside of the cathedral is as impressive and beautiful as the outside.  We walked around the cathedral and the beautiful university campus before driving to Gamla Uppsala.



Uppsala Sweden | Whims And Fancies



Gamla Uppsala is a short drive away from the University.  The path goes through the royal burial mounds.



Stockholm Sweden | Whims And Fancies


Panoramic View of the city of Stockholm


Once we were back in Stockholm, we set out to explore the city.



Vasa, Stockholm | Whims And Fancies



A visit to the Vasamuseet was a must.  Although the ship Vasa capsized after travelling only 1422 yards in calm water, the size and the detail carvings on the ship are sure to impress anyone.



Gamla Stockholm Sweden | Whims And Fancies


Gamla Stan in Stockholm


Afterwards we started walking around the city.  I LOVE to walk.  I continue to walk every path possible in an old city until I can see my tiredness reflected on my husband’s face, or he just outright rebels against another footstep.  I walked so much that day that I had to take painkillers that night.



Vastervik Sweden | Whims And Fancies



Next day we drove further southward and at midday, we made a stop at Västervik.



Vastervik Astrid Lindgren Sweden | Whims And Fancies



This cluster of tiny red houses were chosen as a location of the film The Bullerby Children written by Astrid Lindgren.  They are the cutest little houses I have ever seen in my life.



Lerkaka Windmill Sweden | Whims And Fancies



The day ended at these windmills at Lerkaka.  Windmills are strewn about everywhere on the island of Öland.  Lerkaka has a cluster of quite a few of them.  A couple of them were open for us to go inside and take a peek at the mechanics of the mill.  It was a beautiful place to end the day’s journey.



Thank you so much for travelling along with me so far.

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Until next time,




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