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Sunrise In Northern California Wine Counntry | Whims And Fancies


Preferring much cooler weather, summer is not my most favourite season, really. We don’t travel during summer and most of my time is spent indoors during this time. Therefore, over time, this has become my most productive time of the year. I do stretch my legs during very early summer mornings to avoid cabin fever, and I get to experience some of the most beautiful sunrises at our local park.



Misty Mornings In Northern California Wine Counntry | Whims And Fancies



The misty and cool mornings of spring have now…



Sunrise In Northern California Wine Counntry | Whims And Fancies



…been replaced by fields of gold.



Rainy Morning In Northern California Wine Counntry | Whims And Fancies



After years of drought and dry winters, we finally had a lot of rain last season, and my little flower garden is very content.



Tree Mallow Flower In Northern California Wine Counntry | Whims And Fancies



Wildflower season is gone, but I still have a few summer flowers blooming in the garden.  We planted a Tree Mallow when it was a no more than 2 feet tall, just a sapling.  It started flowering last year, and this year the tree is covered with tiny pink flowers.  I love seeing them swaying in the wind, backlit by the late afternoon sun.



Downton Abbey Stained Glass Flower Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Purchase Stained Glass Flowers patterns


Aside from tending the garden so my beloved green-children survive the hot summer, I also restarted working on a few fabric flowers.   I pulled out my stained glass flowers pattern set and started making blocks for the English Garden quilt again.  My August goal is to finish at least a few of the blocks.  I will be joining One Monthly Goal, hosted by Patty at Elm Street Quilts, a great way to stay on top of those goals.



Sketchbook page - GPS Error | Whims And Fancies


A little sketch from my musings sketchbook


I also use summer for travel planning.  As I was mapping a route, I thought of the time when we were following GPS instructions and a set of detour signs got us to a road-closed sign.  We were in tears from laughing so hard.  That only strengthened my hate for GPS, and I pulled out my trusty map.



Travel and Magic Watercolour Prints for Sale | Whims And Fancies


Prints Available In Shop



Lastly, Many Thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my last post, where I shared news about my new venture of selling prints from my paintings in my shop.  Much to my delight, this is the first set of sold paintings and they are now in their lovely new home in Scotland.

A Step Forward – If you missed the post and you are interested in seeing the available prints


How is your summer going?  Feel free share your summer-themed photos, or any photos that you have taken, on this month’s Wandering Camera.



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