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Vintage Microphone Quilt Pattern


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I have the final piece done for my Rock Music mini quilt.  The lyrics of a song are very important to me.  Now matter how great the accompanying music is, I really can’t listen to a song if the lyrics don’t measure up.  Words have such power, they can really excite you and get you all fired up or make you extremely sad.  Set them to music and they really touch your heart.  I find myself humming at the oddest of times.  So I made a Vintage Microphone quilt pattern as an ode to the talented song writers and singers.  Do you have a favourite song?


The biggest challenge in drawing this pattern was adhering to the rounded shape of the microphone without making it too complicated.   The four sets of grills are made with exactly four sections and they are very straight forward to sew.   However, because of the number of bars on the grill,  each section has quite a few pieces to sew.  Other than that, it comes together pretty quickly.  The Vintage Microphone quilt pattern can be found in my shop.



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Vintage Microphone Quilt Pattern

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I finally have all three blocks that I am going to use for my Rock Music mini quilt.  I am excited to put this together.


Happy Sewing!




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