Journey Into The Future


Hello Everyone!  I didn’t mean for my winter break to last this long, but sometimes it is hard to break free of my own head-space.   Back in October, I made this sketch of a journey through space, which now represents the break quite aptly.   As I was looking to be inspired, I discovered music that I fell in love with, and found new stories while rediscovering some old ones.




One of my fears, probably my biggest fear, is being turned into a mindless drone doing repetitive work.  I would go to any length to avoid that.  I used the break to bring some much needed focus in my life.

One of the major finishes was a redesign of the website.   It had been overdue for a while and the timing was just perfect.   Software is very much a form of art for me and I loved seeing the new website take shape as I worked on it.




With my sweet helper beside me, I managed to sort and shelve almost all the books in the library.  A few finishing touches and it will be just perfect.  I still need to get furniture.  I love to sprawl on the floor, but as you know, it is not always the most comfortable option.




I have always loved mythology, specially Norse mythology.  As I was playing with the books, I reacquainted myself with this old interest of mine.  My husband liked the gift wrapping paper from one of this birthday presents, so I saved a piece of it to make a bookmark for him.




This is another drawing that saw a lot of progress.   The idea of the image became increasingly clear and vivid in my head as I worked on it. 


Last week, I got body-slammed by the bad old influenza virus.  Now that I am starting to feel better, I can’t wait to get back to my atelier.


For those of you who have been here with me from the beginning of Whims And Fancies,  Thank You so much for sticking with me all this time.  Also, a fond welcome to all of you who are new here.  I look forward to sharing the next steps of my artistic journey with you.


Until next time,


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A Quiet World




We have somewhat settled into the new place.   One of my favourites is the abundance of trees in this neighbourhood.  Towering redwoods and other trees break up the horizon line.  Much to my delight, there are quite a few deciduous trees, lately dressed in their flaming autumn colours.  The Japanese Maple right outside my new atelier has transformed itself into a Lady In Red.





After a  few foggy mornings, the day of Mercury transit dawned clear.  The Sun was still coming up from behind the trees.  I spent the morning outside, peering through the telescope with a camera attached to it and captured the tiny planet silhouetted against our home star. 

The tiny black dot that looks more like a blemish is really a planet, so small compared to the star it revolves around.   Sitting quietly and staring at a moving dot may not have been a grandiose event, but it certainly was a humbling one.





Clearing rain makes for such gorgeous skies.  I ran outside with my camera, feet barely inside my shoes, to grab a few photos before the light faded away into the night.





After a splendid show of colours, almost all of the leaves have fallen off the trees.  Sometimes things do change rather quickly.





When rain started, unable to sit inside and miss out on the fun, I decided to rake leaves in the rain.  This walnut tree in our backyard is so high that the tree top was blurred by the wet air.





I collected a few leaves and acorns for my sketchbook.





Wondering how these will turn out when I finish.




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This print of my Autumn Forest Walk went to a new home!  I always get excited about shipping prints, and this is one of my favourites.  She sent me a photo of the print hanging in her home which really made my day!




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A bit of cool blue decided to sneak into my life as I prepared this print for an order.

Whitby, Yorkshire. We were heading out to grab some dinner, the sky and the water were so beautiful with a band of pink in the middle.   Really love that a print of my very first oil painting has gone to a new home.





As Mother Nature lays the world to sleep so it can rest and recover, so must I also start my winter hiatus.  Piles and piles of books all around me are waiting to board the bookshelves.  While I lose myself in the world of ink, paper and paint, I wish you all a wonderful and magical holiday season.


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See you in January!




I am linking up with the linky parties on my Events And Links page.  Please pay a visit to some of them.  



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