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Harris Tweed Journal Notebook Cover | Whims And Fancies



I had planned on making a bag and writing a new pattern last week.  Except last week was fraught with frustration concerning a simple industry-standard modification that I wanted done to my web hosting account.  After 3 days of continuous circulatory, nonsensical conversation with tech support, I decided to move my account to another company altogether.  This was long overdue. Working over the weekend with the wonderful support group of this new company, my websites were moved to their new home.


By Monday though, I was in need of a break. 



Harris Tweed Journal Notebook Cover | Whims And Fancies



This is the set of tweed cloth I got from Isle of Harris.  By the way, photos do not do Harris Tweed justice.  There is so much texture and detail in the weaves, it really needs to be experienced in person. 

I want to make a larger work out of this, but on Monday I wanted to work on something incredibly simple.  So, I made a cover for my travel notebook using one of these pieces.



Harris Tweed Journal Notebook Cover | Whims And Fancies



I like my bags, covers, etc. to have lining and not have the raw edges show.  After choosing the lining and the inside cover fabrics to complement the outer tweed and figuring out the measurements, I finished this cover in no time. 



Harris Tweed Journal Notebook Cover | Whims And Fancies



Originally I wanted to save the labels for the larger projects.  My husband, however, insisted that I sew the label on this cover.  I am glad he did.  As I had already finished making the cover, I used Heat ‘N Bond to secure the label on the cover, which worked very well.



Harris Tweed Journal Notebook Cover | Whims And Fancies



I love the A6 format notebooks for my travel planning. It’s a great size to pop into my bag/backpack along with a map, and I don’t have to carry the heavy travel book everywhere with me. My little travel notebooks get exposed to all sorts of rough-and-tumble weather conditions.  Now they will be more protected.  Also, it seems fitting that  they now have a cover made from material that I got while travelling.  I know I will be making more of these.




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