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Flowers Of The Deep Sea Floral Art Print Marabu Aqua Ink Review |

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A few months ago, I was strolling through the art supply store in search of something new.  I noticed a small bottle of watercolour ink with the name Petrol on it.  I love the teal colour and it was an extremely affordable ink.  Naturally, it came home with me.  Thus I was introduced to the company Marabu.  



Marabu Aqua Ink Review |


As I painted with the petrol ink, I found it wonderfully pigment-rich.  Soon afterwards, I got a set of the primary colour inks.

These inks do not come with dropper-tops.  Pouring makes a big mess.  Also, you only need a few drops.  So getting a few droppers is good idea.



Marabu Aqua Ink Review |


I was able to create many colours from the six bottles that I got.

The colours lift off very easily.  If you like layering, you will have to adjust for that.

However, if you like to add details by lifting off colours, you will love working with these inks. 

As a beginner, you are in luck.  If you are unsatisfied with a part of your painting, you can lift off the colour and redo that area as long as your paper holds up.  After you lift off the paint, let the paper dry completely over the next 24 hours before you paint on it again.



Flowers Of The Deep Sea Floral Art Print |


Since watercolour inks are already liquid, I find it extremely easy to work with them.  These inks have very low to no granulation, resulting in smooth wash and painting. 

The inks also flow very easily on both wet and dry paper. 



Flowers Of The Deep Sea Floral Art Print |


Although I used Canson XL Series mixed media paper for my painting, I suggest the Canson XL Series watercolour paper. It is much thicker, good quality, easily acquired, and very affordable.

The leftover dried inks in the palette re-wet easily too.  So no waste there.


If you are at the verge of wanting to try watercolour painting, definitely go this route.  You won’t regret it.



Flowers Of The Deep Sea Floral Art Print |


As for my painting, I started off drawing the flowers with nothing specific in mind.  As I continued to paint, it started looking like an undersea plant.



Flowers Of The Deep Sea Floral Art Print |

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I fell in love with the deep ocean idea and called it  Flowers Of The Deep.  Felt very adventurous.  Prints are now available in my shop.  Would make a nice gift for any fantasy and scifi reader or a nature lover.


Hope you liked the painting and that it inspires you to play and have fun.


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