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Rainbow / Color Wheel Paper Piecing Star Wall Hanging


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You know I love making paper piecing patterns.  As soon as I have an idea in my head, I love to draw it up using Adobe Illustrator, draft the pattern and then can’t wait to see it transformed into a quilt block.  However, I also hate unfinished projects.  Last week I had to make that choice.  Even though I had a couple of patterns drafted and waiting to be be sewn, I noticed that I also had accumulated three quilt-tops that needed to be quilted.  Mustering up monumental willpower, I put the stack of printed patterns aside and pulled out the Rainbow Star quilt-top from the stack and started working on it, and you know what?  I was happy I did.



Milky Way | Whims And Fancies



Photo of the Milky Way taken during a camping trip at Tioga Pass, California


I was captivated by the night sky when I was about 5 years old.  It is one of my earliest memories.  I remember looking up at the night sky during a power outage and being mesmerized by the pinpricks of light, and that was enough to last a lifetime.  Over the years, I acquired a couple of telescopes and started studying the scientific aspects of the night sky.  I get so much of my inspiration from the night sky, even when designing quilt blocks.



starlight converging paper piecing pattern


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It all started with this block called Starlight Converging to represent the birth of a star. This was going to be the only block I was going to make – a small 10″x10″ wall hanging.

This block was put aside for a week or so because I was trying to figure out how I was going to quilt this piece. In the meantime, I was reading a astronomy paper on stars and I wanted to make an opposite block – Starlight Diverging!



Starlight Diverging - Paper Piecing Pattern


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Starlight Diverging was inspired by supernova explosion.  It is not hard, but it contains a lot of sections.  Each colour has two sections, and there are 12 colours.  However, each section has only 3-4 parts and I had nothing to line up.  That was the pay-off for having that many sections.



A New Star - Paper Piecing Rainbow Pattern


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How could I have Starlight Converging and Starlight Diverging and not have a New Star?!  This was easiest and super quick to make.  I found it very helpful to cut the white pieces out first.



Rainbow / Color Wheel Paper Piecing Star Wall Hanging


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I put all the blocks together to make a wall hanging called Rainbow Star.


Because I occasionally draw/paint, I wanted to make a colour wheel wall hanging one day. These blocks presented a perfect opportunity to use rainbow colours or colour wheel colours to represent the visible light spectrum. This wall hanging was my take on merging two of my passions together – art and science.


I used a 1.5″ sash between each block and a 2″ border around the blocks.  I wanted the wall hanging to have a feel of a set of framed photos.  I used mitred corners for that reason and was so proud of them since this is second time ever I have done them!


I had a lot of fun putting the colours together.  All of these star quilt patterns are available individually, or as a collection on Shop.






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