Metamorphosis - A Watercolour Painting by Soma Acharya | Whims And Fancies


Hi Everyone!  I spent the last few months in a haze.  Apart from many other things, I spent a lot of time pondering the subject of existentialism, alongside a feeling of swimming forever without reaching the shoreline.  When this happens, I escape into my self-made world of photography and painting.  It wraps me in a safe cocoon.  Sometimes I find it very hard to leave that world behind and come back to reality.



Simple 365 – Set 1

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A part of my little world recently changed forever, even before the larger world started to go awry around us.  Sadly, it is an echo of my current state of mind, more destructive than constructive.  I started taking daily photos of simple, everyday things to remind me to be happy. Reflective of my current state, they are in black and white.

Very aptly, my husband suggested I call it “Simple365“. 



Metamorphosis - A Watercolour Painting by Soma Acharya | Whims And Fancies



Trading Secrets



Metamorphosis - A Watercolour Painting by Soma Acharya | Whims And Fancies


I really love the solitudinous nature of a forest; it creates such a beautiful setting for reflection.  My cat is happy to be there, enjoying the simplicity only nature can bring.   An oak tree, strong and wise, protects my cat within its branches.  There is a green butterfly that roams there.  They trade secrets with each other.  Today, the butterfly is telling him about metamorphosis.


I hope this little story of their friendship made you smile.

If you will, please leave a happy note or memory in the comments.  Let me know which one of my “Simple365” strikes a chord with you.  Join me if you wish.  You don’t have to take a picture everyday, but do look around you, take a photo and share if you like.  It might make someone else smile too.


Take care and until next time,



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My Best Enemy

Winter Rose Quilt Pattern


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It has been often said that your enemies define you.  “My best enemy” is also my best friend.  She has always been a stubborn little thing who can be very distant at times,  but her sweet nature can also cast a charm that is very hard to ignore.   We had a rocky start because of our hotheadedness but our relationship evolved into a strong bond over the years.  We have been known to annoy each other the most and also to love each other equally.  I have found my biggest strengths through her and utmost weaknesses because of her.  To me, She will always be a Winter Rosebud trying to bloom amidst snow.



Universe And Us Quilted in Gallifreyan



If you haven’t guessed it already, this wall hanging is about our friendship.  I mirrored this photo to show what the quilting looks like from the front.  I started with quilting our initials – S and P – written together in the centre.  I am glad of the hourglass shape, which was a complete coincidence born from my doodling, adding that extra touch of everlasting friendship through time.  The stars in the night sky also seem to last forever, and I have always dreamt of seeing them a little closer.  So I quilted the circles around our initials as though she and I are travelling together through the stars.  Finally, I added “Universe and Us” in Gallifreyan within our initials.



Tardis In Flight Quilt



Since travelling through space requires a ship,  I borrowed the idea of The Doctor’s Tardis.  It is so much more romantic than any earth-rocket!



Universe And Us Quilted in Gallifreyan



I can take on the Universe with her beside me and she would come along just to be with me!!




Update – I got a few enquiries about the Winter Rose quilt pattern.  The pattern can be found in my shop.  Thank you so much!


Credits – “My Best Enemy” is the title of a musical piece composed by Hans Zimmer.  Tardis is the spaceship used by The Doctor in BBC’s television show Doctor Who.




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