An Endeavourer – The Journey Begins

Comet Speeding Through Space - Art quilt inspired by nature and science. Quilted And Painted Fabric with Liquitex acrylic – Whims And Fancies


Speeding Through Space


A few months ago, after I came back from a holiday, a wonderful email from my dear friend Janine was awaiting me.  She talked about a new art quilt group called The Endeavourer, hosted by her and Catherine.  We are a group of 14, creating quilts that feature a chosen theme.  This quarter’s theme was Nature.


I love spending time under the open sky, hiking trails while looking for small hidden surprises.  I made quite a few nature-themed paintings last year, and I was looking for another creative angle.  I love the natural sciences, specially astronomy.  Looking at nature through science-coloured glasses gives me a deeper joy and that is what I wanted to use for inspiration.  I began sketching.



Science Inspired Art - Wave Interference Double Slit Experiment by Thomas Young | Whims And Fancies



I have always had a keen interest in the properties of light.  This was my first sketch based on a double-slit experiment by Thomas Young. It demonstrates the dual nature of light.  The design was defined by simple shapes and limited colours.  That became the style for rest of the sketches.



Science Inspired Art - Quantum Mechanics Atomic Orbital | Whims And Fancies



Then I started going down the rabbit hole.  The dual nature of light sparked another sketch from my all-time favourite –  Quantum mechanics featuring atomic orbitals.  It is a function that calculates the probability of an electron’s position in a region around an atom’s nucleus.  I find the orbital shapes to be really pretty.



Science Inspired Art - Turing Pattern Tiger Stripes | Whims And Fancies



Even after two drawings, I still continued sketching.  An English mathematician named Alan Turing wrote an article on patterns found in nature.   That and my love for tigers prompted this design.  I was pretty sure this was going to be the one.



Science Inspired Art - Sea Stacks And Star Trails | Whims And Fancies



Then last week it was raining here.  I was so deliriously happy that I cast aside all work and painted Sea Stacks with Star Trails.  I love the use of blue on this painting.



Science Inspired Art - Comet Speeding Through Space | Whims And Fancies



The markings from the Turing pattern and the colour blue from the sea stacks gave me my final drawing.  As I very hurriedly sketched this comet, I knew that I had my design.  I couldn’t believe I had not thought of this earlier.



Comet Speeding Through Space - Art quilt inspired by nature and science. Quilted And Painted Fabric with Liquitex acrylic – Whims And Fancies



The rest was easy!  I used converging variable-spaced straight line quilting from corner to corner to give it a sense of motion.  Once that was done, I started painting on the finished, quilted piece.



Comet Speeding Through Space - Art quilt inspired by nature and science. Quilted And Painted Fabric with Liquitex acrylic – Whims And Fancies



Painting on dark fabric required thicker paint.  I already had a set of acrylic paints at home.  Combining that with fabric medium, I slowly painted the comet on the quilted piece.  Nature is ever changing, ever moving, I believe a comet is a perfect representation of that.



Lunar Eclispe Montage January 31, 2018 Backyard Astronomy | Whims And Fancies



I will part with this lunar eclipse photo I took yesterday.  Nature inspires me to be creative every day.  As I made those different sketches, I got to explore different facets of nature.  I thought I’d share a little about my inspiration with you today.  I will write more about the making another day.




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Tree Paintings And Sweden

Eclipse Tree Ink Painting | Whims And Fancies


Trees are a lot of fun to draw.  I don’t have to think much, I simply let the lines dictate my drawing.  This is another tree I painted on a bookmark.  I was going to do a watercolour wash and make it a daytime painting.  Then I saw the bottle of orange ink on my desk and ended up drawing an eclipsed moon.  Once I finished painting the background with a recently-acquired blue ink, it became a completely different painting than my original intention.

A few weeks ago I mentioned about our trip to Sweden and I promised to share more.  Special thanks to Lara and Mary for encouraging me to write about this journey.  Before I begin, here is a little summary –

12 days ( includes 3 days for plane travel )

1500 miles

22 cities

1111 photos

It will take me a couple of months to go though all the photos.  However, I have the photos sorted enough to share a skeletal version of the trip.  So here we go –


Kiruna Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

I am addicted to the North and I longed to see the Swedish Lapland.  That’s what took my husband and me to the mining town of Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden.  It was a very long journey from Northern California to Kiruna and there was the dreaded jet lag.  We stumbled outside for some dinner and spotted the glowing sky.  Neither one of us had ever seen an Aurora before.  Our tired brains took a little time to realise what we were looking at.  Still not really believing our eyes, I looked up the aurora watch sites for nightly activity.  Surely enough, it was an Aurora Borealis.  A mild storm, but a storm nevertheless.  We hurriedly ate our dinner, bundled up with ample clothing to stay warm and headed out to find a dark spot armed with camera and stand.

Kiruna Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

This is the whole of Kiruna airport.  There is a small Hertz centre off to the side where we got our pre-reserved car.


Kiruna Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

Kiruna mine at night


Abisko Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

After a long rest and a lot of coffee, we headed out next morning to explore the Swedish Lapland in our car.  We drove up to the Norway border on a beautiful road that stretched through lakes, mountains and wilderness as far as the eye could see.  We stopped whenever we found parking, walking closer to the lakes, taking in the cold, desolate beauty of a generally wintry land.


Abisko Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

It was September, but it was frigid already and storm clouds were looming.  It poured the next day as we were leaving the Lapland.


Kiruna Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

We wondered if we would be able to see the aurora one more time before we had to leave Kiruna.  We got lucky.  The northern sky cleared enough for us to get another glimpse of the aurora and it was breathtaking.


Arvidsjaur Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

We started our southbound journey the next day.  After a nice lunch at Arvidsjaur we went to see the Sami Church Village.  A group of people were playing treasure hunt in the open park.


Arvidsjaur Sweden Lapland | Whims And Fancies

The colours on some of these logs are so beautiful, I couldn’t resist taking a few detail photos.


Bla Vagen Sweden | Whims And Fancies

We spent the late afternoon driving through the famous Swedish Blå Vagen, the Blue Road.


Bla Vagen Sweden | Whims And Fancies

The road goes through long, beautiful lakes on both sides.  We took a break to enjoy the sunset.  It was late when we got to Umeå, where we spent the night before continuing southwards.

Hope you enjoyed the first part of our journey through Sweden.

Until next time,


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