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Pride And Prejudice Embroidery Pattern | Whims And Fancies


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There are too many women from the stories that I love to list here.  I love the character of Ms. Elizabeth Bennet so much that I found myself needing to draw this Pride and Prejudice embroidery pattern.



Pride And Prejudice Embroidery Pattern | Whims And Fancies



I used wash-off stabilizer for the first time on this piece.  It leaves a tiny bit of starchiness after washing, which gives the whole piece a wonderful finish.  I used DMC perle 8 for the first time too, a navy thread.  I used three different stitches for varying thickness: chain stitch, stem stitch and back stitch, with chain stitch being one of my favourites.  I really love how it turned out.  At the moment I am not exactly sure what I will do with this block.  I may come up with a few more designs to make a small Pride And Prejudice quilt.



Doctor Who Rose Tyler Doomsday Mitts



This one is for Ms. Rose Tyler.  The tenth Doctor and Rose had such a sad ending.  I don’t watch it too often since it leaves me in a daze every time I watch it.  It always seems that happy and sad endings walk along side by side.


I wanted to make these mitts ever since the very first time I saw the episode.  The extent of my knowledge of knitting back then was basic cast on, cast off, purl and knit.  Since then I have learned how to make fingerless mitts, and from there I jumped straight into cable.  I am happy to say that once I started knitting the second mitt, I was already able to knit without looking at the pattern file anymore.  I love this pair of gloves so much!  I added an extra diamond to cover my palm a little better.  They not only keep my hands warm, they also make me feel warm and comfortable in a very nostalgic way.  This pattern by Christina Slattery can be found on Ravelry.



Pink Flowers | Whims And Fancies



My ageless cactus plant blooms only once a year.  Just for a couple of days all the flowers burst open together like a fireworks finale.  Every year the display is more spectacular than the year before.  The flowers are very much like these ladies I love so much, rare and beautiful.


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Fleur de Lis Free Pattern

Fleur de Lis embroidery pattern



If you ask my husband one motif that I would like for sure, he would answer Fleur de Lis.  It’s not like I am an avid Fleur de Lis collector though.  Occasionally however, I will pick up a stationary or two if I like the design and the colors.  Since my girl scout days, I have been in love with the design.  The Florentine Fleur de Lis is my most favorite of them all.



Fleur de Lis Pattern



This project started with a swap.  I am part of a lovely swap group on Flickr where we make tiny 3″ quilt blocks.  The theme of the month was piecing with embroidery and I made this nine-patch quilt block with Fleur de Lis embroidered on it.  It makes me think of colored glass windows.



Fleur de Lis



Here’s a picture of the bunch together.  This was my first time ever making nine-patch blocks and I had to cut 1″ squares!!



Fleur de Lis Detail



Then I got to work on a larger version of the design for the Florentine Fleur de Lis with a combination of chain and back stitch.


A few tips on using DMC satin –  I used DMC satin embroidery floss for the brightness it offers.  I never used it before and I found out very quickly that it is not a very beginner-friendly floss.

  • It has very little cohesion.  For the chain stitch, I had to use the thumb of my left hand to hold the floss down to keep the stitch in place while working with my right hand.
  • It frays very easily.  I had to keep on trimming the loose ends so they wouldn’t knot up as I pulled the floss through the fabric.
  • This embroidery floss left a lot of lint on the fabric.  I used a lint roller to clean up the finished piece.



Fleur de Lis embroidery pattern



The file includes both patterns: the simple one and the Florentine one for personal and non-profit use.

Mine is going to be a present for my husband  as a remembrance of our first overseas trip and the wonderful time we had in Florence!






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