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Bear Cub Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern


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California has been home to us for the last 13 years and I fall in love with her more with every passing day.  I had to make something that represents spring in California.  Wildflower season here is brilliant but brief. My first idea was to make a California Poppy.


Then I remembered how we have to be ever so careful while driving when we go to the Sierra Mountains in Spring because of the little bear cubs.  They suddenly dash out in front of the car from the mountainside and run across the road toward the river.  Sometimes you can see them sitting on the mountainside like big teddy bears.  So cute!  Of course you don’t approach them, but it is wonderful to see them in their habitat.  I had to make a little bear cub!


This 12″ little bear cub quilt pattern is now available in my shop.


You can also make a brown bear from this pattern.  I hope you enjoy making this block as much as I did!






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